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5 Common AC Repair Issues

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Air conditioners develop some mechanical and functional problems, and it is important to hire professional ac repair services immediately. Once these problems start coming up, the normal functions of the air conditioner may not be enjoyed. The house becomes uncomfortable during the summer. Life becomes pretty unbearable due to high temperatures. In addition, it is important to ensure that all your AC issues are fixed on time to prevent them from developing into more complex and costly problems. Here are 5 common AC issues that may require ac repair in Boynton Beach.

Air Filter Problems

The air filter might become dirty or clogged, causing the air conditioner to malfunction. This problem occurs often due to the accumulation of dust and dirt particles. Therefore, the filter has to always be clean for air conditioning operation. Alternatively, the filter can be changed depending on the manufacturer’s suggestions. For reusable filters, cleaning it out works, but for filters that are usable for only a short period, the best option is to replace them. A dirty filter will reduce the flow of fresh air into the air conditioner and this might make the AC unit to freeze.

Strange Noises

Sometimes, an air conditioner might be functioning effectively but producing strange noises that are irritating to the ears. The most common sounds are hissing and rattling. These noises are a source of distraction especially if you are in a busy office or in a room where silence is required.

The noise can be produced in two ways: either immediately you switch on the unit or after the unit has been running for some time. Either way, suggest that the air conditioner has some problem. The major cause of such incidences is a worn out fan belt. The noise might also be caused by rust formation on some sections of the unit. This happens often, especially if it has been using the unit regularly.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant (Freon) is the chemical that cools air within the air conditioning unit. It keeps the air in the home at the right temperature. If the refrigerant level reduces, it indicates a leak or a related problem within the unit.

Water Dripping From the Air Conditioner

Sometimes the PVC pipe that exits the air conditioner unit might clog, leading to water drips. The major cause of this problem is refrigerant leakage that makes ice build up over the coils, making them freeze. Frozen coils indicate airflow problems due to obstruction of return air ductwork. It is imperative that a reputable AC repair contractor is contacted immediately.

Damaged Refrigerant or Grill

At times, the air conditioning unit might fail to heat or cool the room after switching it on. This problem might occur in case of a defective refrigerant or grill. If the size of the refrigerant is not adequate enough, it might fail to cool the whole house. If dirt accumulates in the grill, it is likely to affect the normal functioning of the unit.

These are just some of the major instances when the services of AC Repair in Boynton Beach. If you are experiencing any AC issues in Boynton Beach, contact Neighbors A/C. We have over 20 years of experience in ac repair and maintenance in Palm Beach County. Call us today for a free ac repair quote at 754-222-6347.  

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