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AC Coil Cleanings

AC Coil Cleaning

Over time, the evaporator and condensing coils – the lungs of your AC unit – become clogged with dirt, bacteria and other debris. A coil cleaning can significantly improve your AC system’s efficiency, lower your energy costs, and trim money off your monthly electric bill. You may benefit from a coil cleaning if you have recently had any of the problems below:

  • Evaporator coil is frozen (in the air handler)
  • Water is dripping from the bottom of the air handler
  • System is running but not cooling
  • The air handler has a whistling noise when running
  • Foul odors coming from the air handler

Your AC system removes heat from inside your home and transfers it outside. The heat transfer starts within the evaporator coil. This process generates a natural condensation on the coil, which over time, attracts air pollutants such as dust and bacteria as air flows through the coil to become cooled. The condensing coil then releases the absorbed heat to the outside.

The natural buildup of mold and grime within the evaporator coil restricts air flow through the coil. It also reduces the coil’s ability to absorb and remove heat from your home. Excess heat builds up within the unit requiring the entire system to work harder and longer. This unnecessary strain increases electricity usage and operating costs. It can also cause the compressor and other components to burnout prematurely, reducing system lifespan.

Operating your AC system with dirty coils will result in poor indoor air quality that could potentially impact your health. As air passes through the evaporator coil, air pollutants are picked up and circulated into the air you breathe. Even when you are diligent about changing the air filter every two months, mold, dirt, and dust will still accumulate on the evaporator coil over time.

The evaporator coil should be inspected every year to ensure it is clean and in good working order. You should hire a specialist for this maintenance task, as the evaporator coil is not easily accessible. The coils of the condensing unit should be cleaned a couple of times a year and this is a simple do-it-yourself job, as you can give the coils a wash down with the garden hose.

Neighbors A/C understands the importance of regular care and maintenance for your AC system. That’s why our 20-Point Precision Tune-Up covers both the inspection of the evaporator coil and the cleaning of the condensing coils. Contact us today and receive the peace of mind you deserve!


  • Increase system efficiency and performance by more than 30%
  • Save money on energy and operating costs
  • Safeguard system components and prolong unit lifespan
  • Improve your indoor air quality and health
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