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AC Float Switches


AC Float switches are an inexpensive and cost-effective way to detect clogged condensate drains in your A/C (air conditioning) unit before flooding occurs in your home. Float switches use magnets to open or close a circuit as water levels fall or rise. Having a float switch installed on your A/C system will prevent build-up and bacteria growth that often accompanies pooling water, while also ensuring your system is compliant with the Florida Building Code requirements.

When your unit is operating correctly, the indoor component of your A/C system causes condensation during the natural cooling process, and this condensation drains outside. However, when a natural buildup of dirt and slime clogs your unit’s drainpipes, the flow of the condensation is restricted or stopped, causing the condensation to back up in the drain and eventually overflow onto your floor or ceiling. If this mess is not noticed immediately, it can lead to mold growth and cause expensive damage to your home.

But if you install an AC float switch on your unit, you can avoid this costly scenario completely. A float switch contains a circuit and a small tank compartment. The switch opens and closes the circuit, depending on how much water is in the tank. So when your system is operating efficiently and correctly, the float switch circuit is closed. But when water starts to back up in the drain line, instead of causing damage to your home, it overflows into the float switch’s tank compartment, opening the circuit and shutting off the unit. Crisis averted!

While a float switch is an inexpensive way to provide yourself some peace of mind, it is also making your unit compliant with the Florida Building Code requirements. In 2003, requirements were updated to mandate that all A/C systems be equipped with a float switch or level detector.

Neighbors A/C wants your system to operate efficiently and correctly at all times, but keep in mind that a float switch only safeguards you against the consequences of a future clogged drain. To prevent your A/C unit from clogging in the first place, your system needs regular maintenance to remove the natural buildup of slime and dirt from the unit’s drainpipes.

Benefits of an AC Float Switch:

  • Detect clogged condensate drains before flooding occurs in your home or workplace
  • Prevent build-up and bacteria growth caused by water pooling
  • Know that your A/C system meets Florida’s Building Code.
  • Affordable way to ensure your home’s safety
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