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When you are looking to safeguard your A/C (air conditioning) compressor and electrical components during voltage spikes and power outages, you need some ac surge protectors in place. In addition to providing safety, surge protectors will also reduce your A/C system’s downtime and limit the need for replacement.

An AC power surge, or transient surge, can happen when power lines are down, during lightning strikes, or even be the results of faulty wiring. However, according to a study by General Electric, more than 65% of transient surges stem from internal sources such as refrigeration, dishwasher and air conditioning motors. The large amounts of energy that these devices require at startup and shutdown cause a voltage spike in the steady flow of electricity. The electrical components of your A/C unit are made to handle only a certain voltage level of electricity. During a power surge, a dangerously high level of electricity travels through your electronic devices. A surge protector works by dispersing any above-acceptable voltage increases safely to its ground wire.

As you never fully know when to expect a power surge, it is best to be prepared at all times with surge protectors already in place. Without these surge protectors, the dangerous voltage increases can cause wiring degradation and system downtime, risking permanent damage and ultimately reducing the life of your A/C unit. Not only will surge protectors safeguard the expensive components of your A/C unit, but they will go a long way in protecting the life of your unit and preventing unnecessary service calls to your HVAC contractor.

Surge protectors are not expensive…so it is time to make sure you have them in place to protect your A/C unit and electrical components. They are a small price to pay to preserve the life of your investment.

Neighbors A/C will show you that all surge protectors are not created equal. One of our trained technicians will assess your specific A/C system and find you the right surge protector, as they differ in their capacity for diverting voltage spikes.

Don’t leave your A/C unit and electrical components unprotected any longer!


  • Safeguard your A/C compressor and electrical components during voltage spikes and power outages
  • Reduce system downtime and replacement
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