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Pool Heaters

Pool Heater

Upgrading to an energy-efficient pool heater will not only keep your swimming pool comfortable year round, but it will also help significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. Home owners can opt for either a solar, gas or heat pump pool heater. Neighbors A/C recommends upgrading to a heat pump as they are more energy efficient than a gas-fueled pool heater and their initial installation cost is much lower than that of a solar heater.

In contrast to a gas-fueled pool heater which generates heat from the burning of natural gas or propane, a heat pump works by transferring heat from the outside air to your pool. How much more efficient is this heat transfer? According to the US Department of Energy, it costs $2100 annually for a gas-fueled heater to keep your pool heated at 78°C. For a heat pump pool heater to maintain your pool at that same temperature, the cost is just $1100!.

While a heat pump heater may cost more initially, it is the better investment in the long run when considering the rising cost of fossil fuels and the gradual decrease in efficiency of gas-based heaters. A heat pump pool heater is also the more environmentally friendly option, reducing CO2 emissions by 80-90%, when compared to their gas-fueled counterparts.

Another way to reduce annual energy costs is to use a pool cover which will decrease evaporative cooling and heat loss from the pool water to the outside air. Ensuring that your pool heater is the correct size for your pool will also help to lower energy costs. Remember, bigger is not always better – a larger pool heater may warm your pool faster, but it requires much more energy to do so. Switching to a heater that uses a smaller water pump can reduce energy costs by 40%. Better yet, you can save 60% on energy costs by turning off the heater on days when the pool is not in use.

If you need help choosing the right size pool heater or determining what pool heater is right for you, call the heating and cooling experts at Neighbors A/C! We will be happy to help you get on track to saving energy costs.

Benefits of upgrading your pool heater:

  • Enjoy the warm comfort of your pool year-round
  • Increase pool heater efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90%
  • Reduce energy costs and save money!
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  • Go Green! Heat pump pool heaters reduce CO2 emissions by 80-90%!

    A heat pump pool heater transfers heat from the outside air to your pool.

    Enjoy the comfort of your pool year-round!

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