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Take a look around to view the products Neighbors A/C has to offer. If you need something that isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re willing to bet that we can get the job done for you, no sweat!

Air ConditionersAt Neighbors A/C, we understand that each customer has unique preferences regarding their desired comfort levels. Unlike other companies, when it comes time for another unit, we won’t just replace what the last guy put there. We see this time as an opportunity to listen and learn about your comfort needs so that we can tailor personalized changes where necessary. Best of all, we’ll provide a professional service while meeting the highest industry and manufacturer installation standards, guaranteed!  We install all makes and models and offer 100% financing. Click to learn more.

A/C Digital ThermostatsWhile you will pay more initially for a programmable digital thermostat than for a manual mechanical thermostat, you will more than make up the difference once your unit starts operating more efficiently – nearly $200 a year on average! A digital thermostat will quickly adjust to new temperature settings, making sure your HVAC unit doesn’t work harder than necessary. And, with no mercury included, they are much more environmentally friendly. Click to learn more.

A/C FiltersNeighbors A/C can measure your correct filter size and have any custom sized filter ready within 3-5 business days.  When purchasing a residential air filter, it is essential to take note of the filter’s MERV rating, which stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This rating measures the effectiveness of a filter in capturing particles from the air. Remember, an air filter keeps your indoor air clean by removing pollen, dust, fibers, bacteria, animal dander and more. The higher your filter’s MERV rating, the denser the filter meshing and the better it is at removing these particles from your air. Click to learn more.

A/C Float Switches – Float switches are an inexpensive and cost effective way to detect clogged condensate drains in your A/C (air conditioning) unit before flooding occurs in your home. Float switches use magnets to open or close a circuit as water levels fall or rise. Having a float switch installed on your A/C system will prevent build-up and bacteria growth that often accompanies pooling water, while also ensuring your system is compliant with the Florida Building Code requirements. Click to learn more.

A/C Surge Protectors – When you are looking to safeguard your A/C (air conditioning) compressor and electrical components during voltage spikes and power outages, you need some surge protectors in place. In addition to providing safety, surge protectors will also reduce your A/C system’s downtime and limit the need for replacement. Click to learn more.

Time Delays – Installing a digital thermostat that includes a time delay function will help prolong the life of your A/C (air conditioning) unit. The time delay will ensure that your unit doesn’t short cycle, which is when a system turns off and on too quickly. This will safeguard your A/C unit’s compressor, and other electrical components, from burning out. Click to learn more.

Pool Heaters – Upgrading to an energy-efficient pool heater will not only keep your swimming pool comfortable year round, but it will also help significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. Home owners can opt for either a solar, gas or heat pump pool heater. Neighbors A/C recommends upgrading to a heat pump as they are more energy efficient than a gas-fueled pool heater and their initial installation cost is much lower than that of a solar heater. Click to learn more.

UV Light Purification System – When you want to reduce the number of indoor air pollutants inside your home, you should consider a UV light purification system which can be placed either inside the evaporator coil of your AC unit or in the supply and return plenum near the air handler. Installing a high quality UV light system will improve your indoor air quality and make your entire home cleaner and healthier. It will also keep the air handler microbial and dirt free, improving system efficiency. Click to learn more.

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