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Author: Steven Garcia

What Are the Common Air Conditioner Repair Myths

Air conditioning is widely used in 3 out of every 4 homes in America. It creates a more hospitable environment in many different climates. Air conditioning and A/C repair are without a doubt some of the most important things in a first world country. However, some are unaware of the importance of air conditioning and […]

Maintenance Tips For Air Conditioners

Neighbors A/C is the number one choice for air conditioners and A/C installation. We are a family owned and operated business that has been in operating for 10 years. We provide A/C service, repairs, preventive maintenance, installation and more. Neighbors A/C serves Pompano Beach and the surrounding areas. Most Floridians have air conditioners in their […]

What To Expect With An AC Repair

A/C repair is an essential service during the hot summers in South Florida. Neighbors A/C Air Conditioning and repair located in Broward County provides an excellent A/C repair service. We are a family owned and operated business and we strive to provide the best service possible. We want to make sure that a home or […]

Top 5 Air Conditioning Brands

Neighbors AC is an excellent air conditioning repair and air conditioning maintenance company. We are family owned and operated under new ownership. At Neighborhoods AC we have built our business on the basis of providing clean, cool air in a home or office. While looking for an air conditioner it is essential to find out […]

When Should I Have My AC Serviced

Routine AC service for a cooling system will give homeowners the peace of mind during the hot summer months. Schedule a pre-season AC unit maintenance on a day when the outside temperature is above 65 degrees for optimal results. If any repairs needed, the job should be done before summer arrives. Without routine maintenance, the […]

5 Common AC Repair Issues

Air conditioners develop some mechanical and functional problems, and it is important to hire professional ac repair services immediately. Once these problems start coming up, the normal functions of the air conditioner may not be enjoyed. The house becomes uncomfortable during the summer. Life becomes pretty unbearable due to high temperatures. In addition, it is […]

5 Signs That an AC Duct Needs Cleaning

Most homeowners pay little attention to their HVAC systems and their ductwork until something breaks. This oversight can potentially have a major impact on a home’s air conditioning unit. Preventative maintenance like ac duct cleaning helps keep an HVAC system running efficiently. A properly working AC unit will preserve the indoor air quality and keep […]

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