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Benefits of Replacing Your Old, Less Efficient AC Unit

Feeling a little too warm in the summer or tired of paying huge electric bills just to stay comfortable? There is a better way.  Upgrade to a higher efficiency AC unit and significantly slash your energy use while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or office.

Improved efficiency:  If your current model is 8 or more years old, then making the switch to a new, energy efficient unit could cut your monthly energy usage anywhere from 20-45%!

Lower energy costs: When you switch to a unit that is more energy efficient, your electric bill will drop accordingly; lower utility costs are one of the biggest reasons customers replace their older AC unit.

Comfort: When your air conditioner is running properly it can achieve the temperatures you want and keep your home continuously cool; you won’t need to add extra fans or window units to be comfortable.

Convenience:  Choosing a new system with a long lifespan makes it easy for you to maintain your unit and less likely to require costly and time consuming repairs.

Getting the right fit and installation is important:choose a unit that is too big and you’ll waste electricity and money every time you turn it on; choose a unit that is too small and it will not run efficiently and won’t be enough to really cool your home. BONUS: Instead of having to measure your home or check your home plans or tax assessor’s office for your home’s square footage, NEIGHBORS AC offers a complimentary in-home estimate!  This will accurately tell you how large of a unit you need.

Choose a brand: There are a multitude of AC brands on today’s market and picking the right air conditioner brand can seem like a daunting task. Neighbors A/C can install any make and model and are experts in advising customers of the best unit to fit their budget and cooling needs!

Get the right installation:Expert installation by a qualified professional is a must. No matter how big or small the unit is or what brand it is, if it is not installed by an expert, it won’t operate well. Poor installation can even damage your new unit and contribute to high electric bills. Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners with a cheap installation price because you will more than pay for it with increased energy costs, reduced system lifespan and untimely repairs down the road.

When you are ready to stay cool all summer long without paying a fortune, Neighbors AC is here to help! Our knowledgeable technicians are NATE and EPA certified and are ready to help you make the right choice for your home. Contact us for the latest in home comfort or follow our blog for more ways to make your home energy efficient and reduce your utility costs.

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