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An Energy Efficient Pool Heater Can Help You Save Money

A pool heater can use a large amount of energy, racking up the monthly electricity bill. At Neighbor’s A/C, we want to do our part by providing an energy saving, cost-efficient solution. Our expert pool professionals recommend using an energy efficient heat pump pool heater. A heat pump is more energy efficient than a gas-fueled […]

A Whole House UV Air Purifier Can Improve A Home’s Air Quality

A UV air purifier can greatly improve a home’s indoor air quality. Indoor air can contain millions of biological and chemical contaminants. These contaminants can pass right through air filters. Without a Whole House UV Air Purifier, these contaminants will cause allergies or diseases. Neighbor’s AC is the best solution for improving your home’s air […]

When Should I Have My AC Serviced

Routine AC service for a cooling system will give homeowners the peace of mind during the hot summer months. Schedule a pre-season AC unit maintenance on a day when the outside temperature is above 65 degrees for optimal results. If any repairs needed, the job should be done before summer arrives. Without routine maintenance, the […]

5 Signs That an AC Duct Needs Cleaning

Most homeowners pay little attention to their HVAC systems and their ductwork until something breaks. This oversight can potentially have a major impact on a home’s air conditioning unit. Preventative maintenance like ac duct cleaning helps keep an HVAC system running efficiently. A properly working AC unit will preserve the indoor air quality and keep […]

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