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Get Ready For Summer with an AC Tune-Up

little-guy-smGet Ready For Summer with an AC Tune-Up

Spring has officially arrived—is your home ready for warm weather? A complete and comprehensive air conditioner tune-up is a must if you want your home to be cool and comfortable – and allergen free – this summer.  Learning more about the tune-up process and what to look for and expect from a good service allows you to reap the benefits of a finely tuned A/C unit and keep your family comfortable even in the hottest of the summer months.

An air conditioner tune-up does more than just make sure your actual unit is functioning. A comprehensive tune-up is a detailed process and should be done by a licensed and knowledgeable professional. It should include a thorough inspection of all of your unit’s working parts, including the capacitors, fan blades and other internal parts. The Freon pressures of your unit should be checked and all electrical components need to be tightened down securely.  A thorough inspection of the motor and the components that make your air conditioner run is a must to ensure everything is working at its maximum efficiency.

Boosted Efficiency:A clean system that is in peak operating condition will do its job efficiently and an efficient system cuts your energy use and reduces your green footprint, all the while making your home more comfortable! You’ll find it is easier to get your home truly cool and comfortable in the summer months if your unit is performing as it should. Schedule an A/C Tune-Up now and ensure your system is in perfect working order for Florida’s HOT summer months.

Save Money and Time: Less energy use means you’ll spend less money each month to cool your home. It’s just like getting regular oil changes for your car to make sure your car does not break down and leave you stranded! An air conditioner tune-up done before summer can help you save in more ways than one.  (1) You can catch small issues before they have time to turn into larger problems. (2) A 90+ degree summer day is not the time to have to call a repair person. Not only will you have an uncomfortable wait, you’ll also be paying higher prices due to the peak season. (3) Most manufacturers offer spring specials on new units in the event that your A/C tune-up discovers a major problem. “The early bird catches the worm,” is certainly applicable in this situation! Call Today! Discover & prevent problems before they turn into a hot and sweaty summer nightmare – and a major repair bill.

Reduce the Allergens in your Home: Even if your unit was running well last year, you probably took advantage of the cooler temperatures and turned off your unit or did not use it as much. It is not uncommon for allergens and dust to accumulate and for your A/C unit to malfunction after periods of non-usage or switching from cold to hot! Once you turn the unit on, you are potentially circulating these allergens throughout your home as you cool it. When you schedule an A/C Tune-Up with Neighbors AC, our skilled technicians will check your duct work and let you know if you can benefit from a whole-home duct cleaning. Protect the air you and your family are breathing and avoid those spring/summer sniffles that are likely due to breathing in allergens and bacteria.

At Neighbors AC, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive 20 point inspection and a thorough cleaning of your air conditioner unit. Our A/C Tune-Up gives you peace of mind and all of the benefits outlined above.

Our comprehensive 20 Point Inspection A/C Tune-Up Includes:

  1. Inspect and clean air filter, if needed
  2. Clear condensate drain line
  3. Surface clean outdoor coil
  4. Inspect service disconnect
  5. Tighten all electrical connections (if necessary)
  6. Test capacitors
  7. Inspect bearings
  8. Inspect fan blade
  9. Inspect thermostat
  10. Inspect duct seal near air handler
  11. Inspect condition of line set
  12. Check proper Freon levels
  13. Replace missing screws
  14. Oil motor (if necessary)
  15. Inspect Compressor
  16. Inspect fan and heat relays
  17. Examine evaporator coil
  18. Examine blower wheel
  19. Test float switch operation (if applicable)
  20. Test humidistat operation (if applicable)

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