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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Leaking Water?

Florida has reported one of the hottest summers on record. This means that your AC Unit has been working at maximum capacity and during this time it is common to see a buildup of dirt and dust in your AC drain line. Every HVAC/AC Unit naturally produces condensation during the process of removing heat from your home or office. This condensation or water is drained outside through a series of PVC piping. It is here inside the piping that you will find an accumulation of dust and dirt overtime. If your Air Conditioning Unit is leaking water it could be due to a pipe that needs cleaning. AC Units that are maintained and serviced on a regular basis, will run more efficiently and will not be likely to experience leaks due to blockage in the piping from dirt that causes the drain pan in the AC Unit to overflow.

Is Your AC Unit Being Maintained and Serviced Every 6 months?

Neighbors AC offers an easy annual maintenance program that ensures you do not have to remember to schedule AC maintenance. Our Customer Service Team will reach out to you to schedule an appointment! Why not have one less thing to worry about? Give the Neighbors AC team a call and let our experienced technicians protect your investment. We recommend that you have your AC unit serviced at least once every six months to prevent this buildup of algae in the drain line. It will also ensure that your AC unit is running at the highest efficiency possible. Learn more at

Prevent AC Unit Leakage

In order to protect your home or office from flood/water damage, most Air Conditioning Units leaking water can be prevented by using a “safety float switch”.

Air Conditioning Unit Leaking WaterWhat is a Safety Float Switch?

Float switches are an inexpensive and cost effective way to detect clogged condensate drains in your A/C (air conditioning) unit before flooding occurs in your home. Float switches use magnets to open or close a circuit as water levels fall or rise. Having a float switch installed on your A/C system will prevent build-up and bacteria growth that often accompanies pooling water, while also ensuring your system is compliant with the Florida Building Code requirements.


Benefits of a Safety Float Switch

Benefits of a Safety Float Switch

  • Prevent costly water damage
  • Avoid mold, algae and other damaging microbial growth
  • Protects your AC unit and allows it to perform more efficiently
  • Serves as a warning indicator that pipes need to be cleaned 
  • Switches are low cost and are part of most annual maintenance service plans

In Florida, according to the state building code every unit must be equipped with a float switch. This simple, low-cost device could represent a huge cost savings not just in flood/water damage costs but also by indicating when pipes are backed up with bacterial growth which if left unchecked can also cause air pollution and mold.

Neighbors AC can check your Unit to see if you have a safety float switch installed in compliance with Florida Building code. Call us today and let us help keep your AC Unit maintained and working efficiently to provide you clean, cool air. Request a free estimate or schedule maintenance at 754-222-6347. 


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