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The Rising Cost of R-22 Freon – Is it Time to Replace your AC Unit?

On January 1, 2010, in an effort to protect the ozone layer, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) placed a ban on production, import and use of HCFC-22 (also called R-22 Freon).

R-22 is an HCFC refrigerant that is commonly used in air-conditioning equipment, so this ban stands to affect a vast number of home and business owners across the US.

Basically, if you own any air-conditioning equipment manufactured prior to 2010, your equipment likely contains R-22. It’s important to note, that as the remaining R-22 supplies become more and more limited (due to the federal ban), the prices are predicted to inflate at unprecedented rates.

Case and point:- the price of Freon increased by 400% in 2012 alone.

You are probably wondering how this will impact you.

In fact, many homeowners are wondering what options they will have in regard to maintaining these older AC units.

One option is to keep the equipment and continue to have it serviced. But, since only recycled or stockpiled reserves of R-22 are expected to remain after 2020, servicing the equipment will become very expensive. Some contractors are quoting over $150 for a single pound of Freon (2015).

A better option would be to consider replacing your AC unit with a system that uses an alternative refrigerant that does not harm the ozone layer (like R-410A). In the long-run this will be the best investment for your home or business. Not only will you be doing your part to protect the planet for future generations, but you can also save on energy costs by installing an energy-efficient central air conditioner.

Did you know that ENERGY STAR® air conditioner is at least 14% more efficient than other standard system on the market? If your annual energy bill is $10,000, then your savings will be in excess of $1,400 every year.

Neighbors A/C installs and services a variety of ENERGY STAR® makes and models ranging from

Traditional AC Split Systems and Package Units to Ductless Mini-Split Systems and Heat Pumps.

Contact our expertly trained technicians to receive a free estimate or schedule maintenance at 754-222-6347.


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