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Should I Repair Or Replace My AC Unit?

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The lifespan of an air conditioning unit can be up to 15 or 20 years with regular ac maintenance and repairs. As AC repair needs become more frequent, homeowners often wonder if it is time to look into an ac replacement. The major factors that typically go into determining if repairs or complete AC unit replacement is needed include costs, convenience, the unit’s age, and the unit’s condition. Making this decision does not have to be difficult with the help of a trained HVAC professional.

The Cost of AC Repair vs. AC Replacement

One major decision when deciding between AC unit replacement and repair includes comparing the potential long-term and short-term costs. Repairs for an existing ac unit will be cheaper than the cost of an entirely new unit. The cost of frequent repairs for a unit that breaks down multiple times per year can add up. If repairs have to happen during the day, then the homeowner may have to take off from work and lose hours off of their paycheck. Repair needs that come up every once in a while are a no-brainer, but financially it starts to make sense to look into a replacement when an ac unit breaks down frequently.

AC Repairs & Convenience

There is nothing convenient about an AC unit breaking down. For homeowners with families and pets, the heat can be devastating. In South Florida, just a few hours without air conditioning can turn a house into a sauna. Not everyone has a portable ac unit sitting around to keep the occupants from overheating. For homeowners that work full time, taking time off is just another costly expense that adds to ac repair in the home.. When repair needs occur frequently, the inconvenience alone may make it worth investing in a whole new ac unit.

How an A/C Units Age & Condition Affects Its Functionality

Regular ac maintenance will keep an ac unit going strong for many years, but aging is inevitable. Buildups of dust and debris, as well as general wear and tear on an ac unit, takes its toll over the years. Even a unit that receives regular maintenance will rarely last longer than 20 years. If an ac unit is not maintained then it will start to experience problems much earlier. An ac repair professional can look at any unit and let the homeowner know with significant confidence whether the unit has been properly maintained.

An ac unit that is old, unkempt, or experiencing frequent malfunctions is likely in need of a replacement. For units that experience occasion interruptions, simple AC repairs and maintenance can get several additional years of use out of the unit. The professionals at Neighbors AC are happy to come out for a service call and advise whether any further complications would warrant an ac replacement. For AC repair service or an AC replacement quote, contact our offices at (754)222-6347!

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