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Signs That You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioning “Contactor”

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Air conditioning units are sensitive and can be very temperamental. When maintaining an air conditioner, there are certain parts that need replacing to ensure the proper operation of your AC unit. One of these components is the air conditioning contactor.


What is an air conditioning contactor?

An air conditioning contactor is an electrical component that acts as an ON/OFF switch. This piece is located inside the outside condenser unit, and communicates with the thermostat to switch the AC unit on and off.


How do I know if the air conditioning contactor needs replacing?

One tell-tale sign that you need to have your AC contactor replaced is when the outside condensing unit constantly runs and does not switch off. Over time, the terminals of the AC contactor start to char and become burnt. When this occurs, the contactor can melt to other electrical components in the condensing unit and become stuck in the ON position. This leaves the compressor in the unit unable to turn off. A big No-No!


Why do I need to replace my air conditioning contactor?

A faulty AC contactor that is not replaced in a timely manner can cause great harm to the compressor, which is the heart of your AC unit. When a contactor becomes stuck in the ON position, the compressor can fill with liquid refrigerant which is extremely detrimental to the lifespan of the compressor and AC unit. While a contactor is relatively inexpensive to replace, a compressor replacement is one of the most expensive components to replace in your air conditioning system.


Knowing the status of your air conditioner and its elements is important. Neighbors A/C recommends that you have your air conditioning system checked at least twice a year to keep it in optimal condition. Our expertly trained technicians will check the status of your AC contactor to determine if it is in full working order. Schedule an AC inspection with the professionals at Neighbors A/C today!


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