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It’s that Time of Year for Preventative Maintenance on Your AC Unit

Each year air conditioner units are subject to the wear and tear from the hot Florida summers. This year has been one of the hottest on record. This means that HVAC units have had to work harder to maintain cool temperatures in homes and offices. In order to preserve the investment in your AC units and ensure they continue to work without breaking, it is imperative to perform annual AC preventative maintenance.

ac-repairsNeighbors AC suggests a scheduled maintenance at least twice per year, but once per year at a minimum. The best time to do this is in the cooler months of winter or early spring. Once the heat of summer begins the AC unit needs to be ready to handle the extra usage.

Business Owners understand the impact to productivity or loss of products if the AC unit stops working during summer. Home Owners too, know the dreaded inconvenience of having to deal with sudden break-downs that require emergency service and cost them more in the long term.

Professional AC preventive maintenance makes sense and has the additional benefits of energy efficiency, saving time and money by preventing break downs and more….

  • Extended lifespan – A well-maintained AC unit provides 10 – 12 years of good service. Without professional care, the life is reduced to half or even less. The more often the HVAC unit is serviced, the less wear and tear occurs on critical components such as the compressor, resulting in longer life.
  • Lower energy bills – With the utility bills continuing to rise, servicing the AC unit bi-annually will significantly lower your energy bill. Dust, dirt, sludge and mildew logs the drain line causing friction between the different working parts. It reduces the air quality, which forces the unit to exert extra energy, thereby resulting in higher utility bills.
  • Reduced repair costs – Inefficient systems convert into wear and tear of different components, which increases the downtime during the peak months of the year, causing discomfort and translating into unnecessary expense. Optimized equipment is less likely to malfunction during the high peak times.
  • Cleaner air – If you haven’t changed your air filter in quite some time, consider this as a reminder to reduce contamination of the airstream. The Neighbors AC annual preventative maintenance includes checking your air filter.
  • Hassle free service – Neighbors AC offers reminder services to make it convenient for clients on our annual AC preventative plans to know when it is time to service their HVAC units.
  • Priority Scheduling – Neighbors AC provides exceptional service to customers, especially during the hottest months in South Florida. Members of the preventative annual AC maintenance plan receive priority scheduling as part of their plan.
  • Flexibility – If you have more than one unit, with our AC preventive maintenance plan you can choose the unit we will service on each visit. Changing homes or offices? No problem! The Neighbors AC annual preventative maintenance plan is transferable!

Your associate at Neighbors AC will be able to give you more details on the care of your AC unit, ways to cut costs and the benefits of getting an annual or biannual preventative maintenance plan. Call us today and let us help keep your AC Unit maintained and working efficiently to provide you clean, cool air. Request a free estimate or schedule maintenance at 754-222-6347.

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