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Top 10 Reasons For Regular AC Unit Maintenance

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AC unit maintenance is a vital part of preparing for the hot summers in South Florida. Even the thought of an A/C malfunction or failure makes locals start to sweat! A/C professionals recommend annual maintenance service and it is for your own benefit. If you do not know why you should have a maintenance plan for an annual service, then you have likely never had an A/C break down on you. Here are 10 reasons to request regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit:

  1. Prevents a Malfunction Before it Happens: Just by having a professional look at your unit once a year or more, they may notice a potential problem before it causes your A/C to quit working. A rusting part or dirty duct cannot be fixed unless a technician knows that the problem exists.
  2. Clean Filters: Some maintenance plans include regular appointments where a technician will come inspect your handler and replace the air filter. When a technician is handling the filter, you can have the confidence that your family is breathing clean air without setting a reminder on your calendar.
  3. Replace worn parts: Just like in your car, parts of A/C units have a tendency to wear over time. A regular service appointment is an ideal time for your technician to place or order the part before it breaks completely.
  4. Check Freon and Refrigerant Levels: In addition to cleaning your unit and replacing the filters, a service appointment is a perfect time for technicians to check freon and refrigerant levels in your unit. If the levels are low, they can be topped off to prevent a potential breakdown of the unit.
  5. Reduces Stress on Handler: Many actions that are included in an A/C maintenance plan or service agreement will reduce the stress on your unit. A unit with less stress will work better, longer.
  6. Extend Unit Life: Regular maintenance will help your A/C unit work longer, so you can get the maximum year of use. Maintenance helps you get the very most out of your investment.
  7. New Units Are Pricey: You want to get the most out of your A/C unit because, for many, the couple hundred dollar service fee is much less than the cost of a whole new unit or handler. With proper maintenance, you may be able to put off buying new unit multiple years.
  8. Survive Summer Months: Having your A/C unit breakdown during one of the summer months will cause hours, or possibly days or misery.
  9. Prevent a Disaster: The homes of pets, children, and elderly are extremely vulnerable in the event of an air conditioning malfunction. The severe hot conditions in homes built for A/C can lead to health complications for these populations.
  10. Get Tips for Usage: Getting a technician out to your property on a regular basis allows them to get to know your needs and circumstances so that they can provide you with additional day-to-day tips on how to keep your air conditioning unit functioning longer. For instance, if they see that you have multiple furry pets, they will likely inform you that your unit needs more frequent filter changes.

Those were 10 strong reasons to enroll in an A/C unit maintenance plan immediately. At Neighbors A/C, we offer a variety of maintenance plans to meet your specific needs. Our trained and professional technicians are ready to get your heating and cooling system into tip-top shape for the upcoming summer. We would appreciate the opportunity to prepare your home for the heat waves that are already traveling over South Florida. Call us today at (754) 222-6347 to schedule a service call!

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