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Top 5 Air Conditioning Brands

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Neighbors AC is an excellent air conditioning repair and air conditioning maintenance company. We are family owned and operated under new ownership. At Neighborhoods AC we have built our business on the basis of providing clean, cool air in a home or office. While looking for an air conditioner it is essential to find out which brands are highly rated. This will allow people to purchase the most efficient air conditioner for their home or office. Understanding each feature of the A/C unit will be most important for the customer.

Top 5 Air Conditioning Brands:

  • Carrier Infinity
  • Amana
  • Trane
  • American Standard
  • Lennox

Carrier Infinity

The Carrier Infinity is an excellent air conditioning brand. This air conditioner exerts low decibels which is great for reducing noise. A carrier unit is equipped with high/ low-pressure switches, a powder-coated cabinet, and coil guard in order to reduce noise. Placing this unit near a bedroom or common area will allow for less noise in these areas. This unit has a quality scroll compressor and CoreSense diagnostics manufactured by Copeland which is one of the premiere part makers in the HVAC industry. The Carrier infinity is also energy efficient and has a two-stage cooling process that optimizes humidity control. All of these factors make the Carrier Infinity one of top air conditioning brands.


When choosing an air conditioner the brand Amana should be considered. This unit has excellent features that make this brand a top air conditioner brand. The Amana unit is energy efficient which can largely reduce a person’s electric bill. This machine also has a two-speed fan motor and has an excellent lifetime warranty. Another great feature is its refrigerant is chlorine-free and is designed to increase the unit’s durability and reliability.


This air conditioner unit is a great high-performance air conditioner. The system runs on an environmentally friendly system and can maintain a comfortable temperature in a home. The unit has a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (also known as SEER) of 22 and is one of the most energy efficient air conditioning units available for purchase. The Trane air conditioner removes moisture from the air at a longer run time and has slower speeds. The unit is equipped with aluminum coils that incorporate fins, which allows for better airflow and resists corrosion.

American Standard

The American Standard is also a top air conditioner brand. One excellent feature is that the compressor adjusts in small increments as compared to an older unit that turns on and off. Therefore, this makes the machine more efficient than many modern models which have less efficient compressors. The American Standard is quite energy efficient and qualifies for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (also known as EPA) Energy Star designation. In addition, this unit is available in gray which allows the machine to blend in with many landscapes.


This air conditioner unit one of the most efficient AC unit brands. One reason that this unit is highly rated is that its compressors operate at various speeds as compared to older AC units. Operating on a two-stage compressor allows for two intensity levels which use various amounts of energy. The Lennox unit runs on more than two compressors which result in less energy use and is able to maintain a comfortable temperature in a home or commercial property.

Neighbors A/C air conditioning repair and air conditioning maintenance services are hassle-free service for a home or business. Our family owned and operated business is dedicated to doing a top notch job. Call us today at (754) 222-6347 to speak to a qualified representative for all of a home or businesses A/C needs! Visit us on the web at Neighbors A/C for more information.

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