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Warm Spots and Poor Air Flow – Better Check your AC Ductwork

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Your ventilation system is more than just your AC unit.

If your home is experiencing hot spots or poor air flow, you may have poorly designed, damaged, or undersized duct work. A damaged or poorly constructed duct work system can result in

  • Higher monthly energy bills
  • Poor air quality (more illness & doctor bills)
  • Additional wear on your AC or heating system, leading to higher repair costs


No home owner wants to throw money away from wasted heating or cooling and they certainly don’t want to suffer discomfort during the heat of summer or impact their health with poor indoor air quality. Good News! South Florida residents can use the cooler winter months as a perfect time to have a qualified HVAC contractor come in to examine your duct work and ensure that your entire ventilation system is functioning at peak performance. Schedule an AC inspection with the professionals at Neighbors A/C today!

Indoor Air Quality – Benefits of an AC Duct Cleaning


Indoor air quality refers to the amount of pollutants in the air inside a building.

[caption id="attachment_1059" align="alignright" width="300"]Clean air Clean air[/caption]

Because it can affect everything from your comfort to your health (particularly with the rising occurrence of allergies) you should pay attention to indoor air quality. One sure way to find out if your home or office has poor air quality is to call your local neighborhood AC company – Neighbors AC in Pompano Beach to request a duct cleaning. This is one of the best ways to maintain air quality – an important consideration given that the World Health Organization estimates up to 30% of buildings have poor air quality.


Duct cleaning removes dust buildup, bacteria, microorganisms, mold, and debris from your duct system, improving air quality and helping to maintain the longevity of your ventilation system. Duct cleaning involves the washing of grates and vents, cleaning of the ventilation ducts, and sanitation of the system. While duct cleaning does not need to be completed on a yearly basis, you should monitor the air quality of your home. Frequent illnesses, having pets that shed hair, any kind of renovation, sneezing, or other elements can indicate that your system needs to be cleaned.


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