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What Are the Common Air Conditioner Repair Myths

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Air conditioning is widely used in 3 out of every 4 homes in America. It creates a more hospitable environment in many different climates. Air conditioning and A/C repair are without a doubt some of the most important things in a first world country. However, some are unaware of the importance of air conditioning and how to get the most out of air conditioning. Here are some common misconceptions about how A/C works and how to cut on costs.

  • “Fans can keep my air cool so I don’t need A/C”
  • “Turning off the A/C when no one is home saves on energy”
  • “Air filters don’t affect the air much”
  • “Larger A/C units will keep my home cooler”

“Fans Can Keep My Air Cool So I Don’t Need A/C”

A fan does not do anything to the air except move it. The main thing that fans do is create a chill effect. While the breeze may be nice, if the air is warm and dirty it won’t have the same effect. Leaving fans on to keep a room cool when not in it is a waste of energy. It is the air conditioning which will change the temperature and filter out the dirt and humidity in the air.

“Turning Off The A/C When No One Is Home Saves On Energy”

While it does save energy to turn off the air conditioning, it is not energy efficient to keep turning it off and on. To return to the desired level from nothing, an air conditioner has to work much harder than it does to maintain a cool temperature. A better strategy is to lower the A/C about 10 degrees, but not completely turn it off. Most thermostats nowadays have automatic settings to allow the temperature to rise during times when the owner is out at work and to return to comfortable levels right before returning home. For those going on extended vacations away from home, the A/C may still be useful for keeping mold from growing. During the summer or in tropical climates there is a high potential for mold growth.

“Air Filters Don’t Affect The Air Much”

The dust and dirt particles that build up naturally make the air denser. Dense air not only makes the air warmer but also harder to breathe. To process this dense air, the air filter catches the thicker particles in the filter. Keeping the air filtered and clean will not seem a big difference because over time the filter gets dirty and the change is very gradual. The difference between the air of a clean filter and a dirty filter is huge. Keeping the filter changed will drastically improve the quality of air and promote better breathing and health. The next time the air needs to go through the cooling process it is lighter and takes less energy to get it to the desired temperature.

“Larger A/C Units Will Keep My Home Cooler”

This is not true for homes. Commercial buildings with many rooms to handle will need a larger A/C, but a small house does not need such power. It will end up using more energy to keep the unit running whereas a smaller unit can get the job done with less effort.

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