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When Is the Right Time to Have Your AC Serviced?

Has your AC unit ever quit on one of the hottest days of the year? It happens to thousands of people every summer, ending up with a frantic call to their local air conditioning service company. Although not every repair can be prevented, many AC breakdowns could have been avoided with regular service before the summer began. So when is the right time to have your AC serviced and how often should it be done?


For most AC units, bi-annual service is the best way to prevent major repairs during the summer months and extend the life of the unit. Ideally, you should have your AC unit serviced every six months – once in the spring before the hottest months of the year, then again in the fall. Having your AC inspected and tuned up at these intervals can reduce the chance of an emergency repair issues and help extend the life of your AC unit, saving you money in the long run.


At Neighbors A/C, we want to help you avoid those emergency repairs by offering our Preventative Service Agreement. This 1-year plan will cover two AC services for your unit that can help maintain your AC unit and catch issues before they cause a breakdown. These two tune-up services will include a 20-point service check to insure the AC unit is working efficiently without any issues. This program costs $160 per year and includes your two service tune-ups. In addition, you will receive these valuable benefits:



  • 15% off any future repairs while on the service plan
  • Priority scheduling
  • Regular rates for evening and weekend appointments
  • Extended 90-day labor warranty versus the standard 30-day warranty
  • Appointment reminders for 6-months maintenance service




Don’t wait for your AC to go out on a hot summer day. Call us at Neighbors A/C to schedule you spring service checkup today! Call us today and let us help keep your AC Unit maintained and working efficiently to provide you clean, cool air.

Request a free estimate or schedule maintenance at 754-222-6347.

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