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When Should I Have My AC Serviced

AC Service

Routine AC service for a cooling system will give homeowners the peace of mind during the hot summer months. Schedule a pre-season AC unit maintenance on a day when the outside temperature is above 65 degrees for optimal results. If any repairs needed, the job should be done before summer arrives.

Without routine maintenance, the AC loses about 5 percent of its original efficiency every year of operation. That means that the 12 SEER-unit that was purchased a few years ago may be functioning like a 9 SEER unit today. Fortunately, the lost efficiency can be restored via routine maintenance. Research shows that with regular maintenance, an AC unit will maintain its original operating efficiency by up to 95 percent. Here are some signs that show it’s time to hire a professional AC service.

Dirty Air Filters

An air conditioner requires servicing if the filters are dirty. A new, good quality air filter should be installed in the unit if necessary. Changing the air filters regularly is essential to the efficient operation of the air conditioner. Make a habit of cleaning the outdoor unit every time the filter is changed. Leaves, grass clippings, and other debris can reduce the life of the unit, as well as, the system’s energy efficiency.

Poor Air Flow

Little or weak airflow through the air conditioner vents can indicate the compressor may be failing. If the compressor is functioning optimally, chances are that the AC vents have been clogged with debris. Blocked AC vents not only obstruct airflow but also possess a great health risk to the occupants of the home. Hiring a licensed AC Service company to clean the dirty AC ducts is a great way to restore airflow and enhance the performance of the unit when needed most.

Strange Noises

If the air conditioner is making some strange noises when turned on, something is wrong inside the unit. First, check if the belt has slipped out of place. If the belt is in its rightful position, it shows that metal components in the AC system need more lubrication. Lubrication of all moving parts in the air conditioning system is needed. Check the system’s compressor, fans and motors for worn out parts to reduce friction.

Dirty Indoor and Outdoor Coils

If indoor and outdoor coils are dirty, the AC unit needs maintenance. A professional air conditioning contractor will clean the condenser and evaporator coils. Clean coils transfer heat more efficiently and effectively. This allows the air conditioner to operate with greater efficiency. An AC contractor will also adjust the system’s refrigerant levels. Correct refrigerant levels greatly enhance the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

Loose Electrical Connections

Check if there are any loose electrical connections in the unit and if the thermostat is operating properly. During a professional AC service, a technician will ensure that all the electrical components are operating properly and are the correct points. They will ensure that the thermostat is functioning properly and maintains the unit at the set temperature.

Neighbor A/C is South Florida’s premier air conditioning installation and repair company. With over 20 years of experience, we are able to repair nearly every type of air conditioning unit on the market. Contact us today for a free ac service quote at 754-222-6347.

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