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Why Is My AC Not Turning On?

One of the most common calls we get from our customers at Neighbors A/C is due to their AC unit not turning on. Most often this happens after the AC has not been used in a while, then a warmer day arrives and the unit won’t turn on. Sometimes it is a quick fix and we can help them troubleshoot the issue over the phone. Other times it requires a service call to get the unit up and running again. Here are some of the most common reasons an AC unit won’t turn on:


  • The thermostat batteries are dead. This is a quick and easy fix that we can recommend over the phone to our customers.
  • The AC unit’s filter is dirty. A dirty filter can restrict air flow through the evaporator coil. If this is the case, the coil can freeze up and shut off the unit. Cleaning or replacing the filter will be necessary.
  • There is a faulty electrical component. There may be an electrical part, such as a contactor or capacitor, that needs to be replaced. This will require a service call by a qualified AC contractor to find the problem and replace the component.
  • The drain line is clogged. If the AC unit has a safety float switch, it may not have been serviced recently and the drain line has become clogged. Water flows into the safety float switch and shuts the unit off to prevent flooding. You can use a wet-vac, if you have one, and connect it to the drain line outside for 15 minutes. Or, call us to service the unit and clear the drain line for you.


One way to avoid issues before you need to turn on the AC this year is to call and schedule your 6-month tune-up this Spring. Call us today and let us help keep your AC Unit maintained and working efficiently to provide you clean, cool air.

Request a free estimate or schedule maintenance at 754-222-6347.

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