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Your AC Unit Loses Efficiency Over Time!

How efficient is your home air conditioner? If you don’t know, it could cost you! Higher energy bills and poor air flow are the two biggest problems caused by inefficient or outdated air conditioning systems. Replacing your AC unit in a timely manner and making the switch to a more energy efficient model can help you save money every month.


How old is your air conditioning unit?

If your AC system is older than 12 years, chances are it is outdated and has become very inefficient; you are likely paying too much each month to cool your home and missing out on the energy savings that come with a newer, more energy efficient AC unit.


Do you have hot spots in your home?

It’s possible that your current AC unit is no longer able to produce enough cooling for all the areas of your home. If this sounds like it applies to your situation, it may be time to update your old AC.


Are your summer electricity bills scary?

Your air conditioning system accounts for nearly half of your monthly energy expenditures. Couple this with the fact that your AC unit loses anywhere from 3-7% in cooling efficiency every year and it is no surprise that an aging AC can add thousands to your energy costs each year. Don’t let your outdated and inefficient AC unit make you afraid of opening your monthly utility bill.


If you are not sure how energy efficient your current AC unit is, or how much you could save by making the switch, let one of our expert technicians provide you with a free in-home estimate. They will be able to show you the expected energy costs of different SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) AC units. You will be surprised by how much you can save when you switch to a more efficient model and our 100% interest free financing for 12 months will allow you to reap the rewards of a high efficiency AC, just in time for summer.


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